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Being Here and Now - practicing ones presence NEW!!

Start Date: 07 Mar 2023 | End Date: 28 Mar 2023
Peninsula Plaza


Western medicine has questioned the medical benefits of meditation.

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Course Details
Course Number SACE-CBO-M-050E-2023-01-01
Course Start 07/03/2023
Course End 28/03/2023
Registration Open
Duration 16 hours over 4 sessions
Sessions Tuesday, 9.00 am - 1.00 pm, 7/3, 14/3, 21/3, 28/3
Objective Beginners’ course in Gestalt Principles in Self-Empowerment
Description Session 1: Introduction to Gestalt and History.

Session 2: Introduction to Cycle of Awareness; i.e. Being Here and Now.

Session 3: Experimentation of being here and now.

Session 4: Contact and Boundary.

Session 5: Dialogue from Gestalt perspective 1.

Session 6: Dialogue from Gestalt perspective 2.

Session 7: Change.

Session 8: Application of Gestalt in Life situations

Venue Peninsula Plaza
Application Register online with details on Course Topic, Start Date, Full Name (as in NRIC/FIN), Date of Birth, Gender, NRIC/FIN, Race, Citizenship, Address & Postal Code, Email and Contact Number.
Fees Payable $57.60  pp NSA fee for Singaporean/PR age 50+, $288.00 pp for all others

Register and pay online via PayPal, Credit Card, Internet payment to SACE DBS 049-001627-1.


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