Year 2023
October 2023


Orchid Cultivation and Floristry

Peninsula Plaza



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Course Details
Course Number SACE-CBO-M-094E-2024-01-01
Course Start 06/02/2024
Course End 06/02/2024
Registration Open
Duration 7 hours in 2 Sessions
Sessions Tuesday, 9:30 - 1:00 pm. 2:00-5:30 pm; 6/2
Objective Participants will learn to appreciate the beauty of orchids, its hardiness and ease of propagation; able to gain knowledge in selecting preferred choice of the different Orchid types. Participants will have hands on experience to learn how to mix and match suitable companion materials using live Orchid plants and apply finishing touches to create beautiful floral arrangements. Orchid cultivation and floral arrangements are therapeutic and calming activities that can bring joy to both the carers and admirers alike.

Come and learn orchid cultivation techniques, media and repotting. This course will guide you through the creation of lasting floral arrangements and how to care for the plant.

Trainer Darren Ng

Darren was a NParks ambassador for the ‘Community in Bloom’ programme where he conducted Orchid Gardening workshops for NParks and the National Library. He has also conducted the Asian Herbs and Cultivation workshop at Sunrise Global Chef Academy and Swarovski Singapore. He is leader of the Siglap South Community Centre garden interest group and organises many gardening workshops and community events. His qualifications include Bachelor of Science (Botany, Hon 2nd Upper) from NUS, 6 Sigma Black Belt and has certications for various courses on Situational Leadership, Lateral Leadership, NLP.

Medium of Instruction English
Venue Peninsula Plaza
Application Register online with details on Course Topic, Start Date, Full Name (as in NRIC/FIN), Date of Birth, Gender, NRIC/FIN, Race, Citizenship, Address & Postal Code, Email and Contact Number.
Fees Payable $35.00 pp NSA fee for Singaporean/PR age 50+, $175.00 pp for all others

(Additional Materials fee: $45 per person that will go towards; 1 self potted orchid with potting medium and pot; and some extra orchid cuttings.)


Register and pay online via PayPal, Credit Card, Internet payment to SACE DBS 049-001627-1.


Skills Future Credit (SFC) Applicable
SACE Membership Subsidy (SMS) Applicable for SACE members
Contact Person Secretariat: Tel: 6266 0648  or Email: