Year 2022
August 2022


Relationships Enrichment Process

Start Date: 15 Dec 2022 | End Date: 22 Dec 2022
Peninsula Plaza

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Course Details
Course Number SACE-CBO-M-034E-2022-12-01
Course Start 15/12/2022
Course End 22/12/2022
Registration Open
Duration 7 hours over 2 sessions
Sessions Thursday, 9.30 am - 1.00 pm, 15/12, 22/12
Objective Enable learners to examine his/her relationship with others and learn relationship skills to cope with everyday interactions.

Individuals in intra- and inter- relationships will undergo a systemic assessment of their personality profiles and the stage and structure of their relationships to determine their current level of stress. They will then learn specific relationship skills relevant to their unique interaction pattern and social context to deal with the identified stressors.

Venue Peninsula Plaza
Application Register online with details on Course Topic, Start Date, Full Name (as in NRIC/FIN), Date of Birth, Gender, NRIC/FIN, Race, Citizenship, Address & Postal Code, Email and Contact Number.
Fees Payable $25.20 pp NSA fee for Singaporean/PR age 50+, $126.00 pp for all others

Register and pay online via PayPal, Credit Card, Internet payment to SACE DBS 049-001627-1.


Skills Future Credit (SFC) Applicable
SACE Membership Subsidy (SMS) Applicable for SACE members
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