Year 2017
November 2017


Seniors Got Talent Competition Singapore 2017



Music moves and touches us all. It is a universal language that connects, communicates, heals and inspires. Too many of us miss out on this as we struggled through our dependent 1st age of childhood and youth and 2nd age of work and family responsibilities.

Now in our 3rd age, it is not too late to make good. To facilitate this, SACE is launching SeniorsGotTalent, a project comprising three important parts:

  1. Encourage seniors to attend more courses on singing, dancing and other music-related activities.
  2. Provide avenues and opportunities for continuing practice and skills development.
  3. Hold an annual SeniorsGotTalent competition to recognise, reward and showcase talents that developed.

Part 1 has been ongoing. Our slate of lifelong learning courses under the National Silver Academy include Choir Singing Voice Training, Choreographed Dance Performance Training and Acting Skills for Stage Performance. For Part 2 we are actively encouraging past course participants to form Alumni groups to engage in learning projects.  Part 3 The inaugural SeniorsGotTalent 2017 competition will be open for registrations shortly and it is likely that the Finalists performance and our SACE’s Annual Dinner and Dance will be held concurrently by end Dec 2017.

To register for the competition click