Year 2017
July 2017


SACE BizHub Kicks Off


Dressed for the part, Alicia TONG was the first presenter at the first BizHub Showcase & Presentation event held on 8-Jul-2017 at Chinatown Point. You may engage her to guide and assist you in preparing a healthy meal for family or guests.  Another service provider Henry THIO, who can perform magic acts, tell captivating stories and crack hilarious jokes, could be the live-wire in your next party to uplift the spirit of the occasion. Others includes Debbie LEE who teaches the piano, Yoke Ching who provides accounting services and  Michael & Jessie who have teamed up to provide garments. This was indeed an interesting and rousing kick-off to a unique member-help-member project. Contact BizHub Team, Dennis CARROLL, Alan CHOO, MAK Chee Feng & Gwen  LING to sign up as a service provider.

T: 6266 0648 or E:

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