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Using AI in Everyday Life ✨NEW!!!

Start Date: 28 Aug 2024 | End Date: 04 Sep 2024
Peninsula Plaza, 111 North Bridge Road, Unit 07-05/06, Singapore 179098

About National Silver Academy (NSA)
The National Silver Academy (NSA) is a network of post-secondary education institutions (PSEIs) (i.e. ITE, polytechnics, universities and arts institutions) and community-based organisations that offer learning opportunities that are subsidised for seniors. Seniors and PRs aged 50 years and above can look forward to attending short courses and bite-sized courses that are exam free. For courses run by community-based organisations, the final fee payable – for both Singaporean and Permanent Resident seniors – takes into account the support given by the government to community-based organisations to develop and offer the short courses.

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Course Details
Course Number SACE-CBO-M-143E-2024-08-01
Course Start 28/08/2024
Course End 04/09/2024
Registration Closed
Duration 7 hours in 2 Session
Session Wednesday, 2:00 - 5:30pm, 28/8, 4/9
Objective This course is designed to equip participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in utilizing AICHAT GPT effectively for text-based AI interactions across diverse domains. The benefit is to:
1) Stay Mentally Active: Learning about AI keeps your mind active and may help prevent cognitive decline.
2) Stay Updated: Understanding AI keeps you informed about tech advancements and their impact on life, like in healthcare and finance.
3) Improve Tech Skills: Learning about AI chat systems boosts your digital skills, making it easier to use digital tools and connect with loved ones.
4) Stay Socially Connected: Interacting with AI chat systems helps you feel connected and engaged, especially if you have limited social interactions.
5) Discover New Interests: Learning about AI can become a fun hobby, giving you a sense of purpose in your free time.
6) Solve Everyday Issues: AI knowledge helps you use AI tools for everyday tasks, like setting reminders or controlling smart devices.
7) Connect Across Generations: Understanding AI makes it easier to communicate with tech-savvy younger generations.
8) Manage Finances: AI knowledge can help you make informed financial decisions and manage your money better.
9) Health Awareness: AI in healthcare helps you understand health tech and make better healthcare choices.
10) Keep Learning: Embracing AI shows your commitment to lifelong learning, promoting personal growth.
11) Contribute: If you know AI, you can share your expertise through volunteering, mentoring, or advising in various organizations.
Description This course offers a comprehensive understanding of AICHAT GPT, differentiating it from traditional search engines, and mastering text-based AI interactions. It explores the advantages and limitations of AICHAT, highlighting its versatile applications. The course covers key aspects such as system and user roles, content guidelines, response formats, and PROMPT instructions to ensure effective utilization. Students will enhance their skills in creating professional briefs, reports, newsletters, and engaging content. Additionally, they will learn to craft travel itineraries and activity plans with AICHAT GPT’s assistance. This empowering course equips middle-aged learners with AI knowledge and proficiency for various contexts.

Participants are required to bring their laptop. No app needed to be download yet.  It is mandatory to have an email account (please remember your login password).


Trainer  Gustin Low Thiam Sze

Gustin is an accomplished and highly qualified Specialist Adult Educator with a strong educational background. Holding a Master of Science in Skills and Workforce Development, a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, and a Diploma in Computer Science, Gustin possesses a unique blend of expertise. With extensive experience in teaching and course development across diverse fields such as Social Media, Retail, Eldercare, and F&B, Gustin is dedicated to empowering adult learners with practical knowledge and skills. Gustin’s commitment to lifelong learning and has conducted various workshops in schools and communities, enriching the learning experiences of many.

Medium of Instruction English
Venue Peninsula Plaza
Application Register online with details on Course Topic, Start Date, Full Name (as in NRIC/FIN), Date of Birth, Gender, NRIC/FIN, Race, Citizenship, Postal Code, Email and Contact Number
Fees Payable $26.00 pp NSA fee for Singaporean/PR age 50 and above, $130.00 pp for all others
Payment Register and pay online via PayPal, Credit Card, Internet payment to SACE DBS 049-001627-1.


SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) Not Applicable
SACE Membership Subsidy (SMS) Applicable for SACE members
Contact Person Secretariat – Tel: 6266 0648  or Email: