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If you’re thinking about starting your own home-based business, the available options can seem overwhelming. What type of business is the best fit for your background, skills, and interests? If you don’t have a lot of initial capital to invest, which ones can be started at a low cost? And, most important, which home business has the best chance of succeeding, especially with the slow economy? Narrow down your search. Your new life as a small business owner awaits!

Fun home-based business ideas – Party planner, web designer, Facebook page designer, home day care provider, vintage clothing reseller, party clown, dance instructor, musician, YouTube personality, personal trainer, copywriter, clothing designer, jewellery maker, music teacher, eBook author, massage therapist, interior designer, home staging professional, seller of collectibles, social medial consultant, pet sitter, personal stylist, photographer, gift basket arranger, furniture up cycler, app designer, life coach, wedding coordinator, mystery shopper, yoga instructor, . . .