Year 2017
September 2017


Successful SACE U3A Singapore participation at NSA Roadshow


Successful SACE/U3A Singapore participation at NSA Roadshow @ EAST (Bedok Mall)

SACE/U3A had a strong presence at the recently held NSA Roadshow at the Bedok Mall.  Our volunteers manned our stand from Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th Aug 2017.   The roadshow generated great interest with regular flow of visitors throughout. The response from the public to our recruitment drive was encouraging despite its heartland location.  56 new members were recruited (with 15 of these committing to 5 year subscription). 51 course registrations were secured from 36 of our new members.  All in all, a very successful roadshow for SACE/U3A and a big thank you to all our volunteers.